Solutions journalism, ❤ for sources & my Adidas

My Adidas. Photo by Thacher Schmid.
  • Willow Paloma, a transgender woman who trusted me with her amazing story of growing up intersex, suffering anti-trans discrimination and leaving Corning, NY to hop freights and hitchhike to Portland and beyond.
  • Eve” and “Jessica,” domestic violence survivors — one a “Dreamer” — who trusted me with their stories of the abuse they suffered and how it led to their losing their housing. Both bounced back, and then some.
  • Jay Vincent, Francisco Claudio, Sheila Fitch and the rest of those living in RVs on “The Strip” in St. Johns, for talking about how it makes so much sense for some to choose living in a derelict RV over a tent or a doorstop.
  • A woman I can’t name, who spoke to me about problems at the Kenton Women’s Village, which resulted in her leaving. She was unhappy with my L.A. Times story, she let me know afterwards, but so were staff at Catholic Charities, for very different reasons.
  • Bob Brimmer and all of those in homeless villages such as Right 2 Dream Too, Hazelnut Grove or Dignity Village, who help the Village Coalition advocate for houseless villages in Portland, such as the coming veterans’ village in Clackamas County.
  • Army veteran Mark Nicholas, who explained through tears and yellowed shades over red-white-and-blue suspenders and a fighter jet kerchief how tough it is for returning, and why so many end up on the streets.



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Poor for a Minute

Poor for a Minute

We are all poor due to the broken social safety net in the United States, the world’s richest nation. Portfolio, bio, contact: