• Dave Pava

    Dave Pava

    By trade: marketing consultant. By nature: liberal arts fella, cover band pianist, meh bballer, sometime writer, cooker & eater, and pop culture fiend.

  • Lamin Swann

    Lamin Swann

    Designer. Speaker. Thinker. Facilitator. Social entrepreneur. Consultant. Motivation for me is them telling me what I could not be, oh well!

  • Kelun Zhang

    Kelun Zhang

  • Brad Melaugh

    Brad Melaugh

  • Portland For Everyone

    Portland For Everyone

    News & views about how to get more abundant, diverse & affordable housing in PDX. A project of @1000oregon: http://portlandforeveryone.org.

  • Tanya Rae-Irene Wescott

    Tanya Rae-Irene Wescott

  • Anton Lytvynov

    Anton Lytvynov

    Senior web developer, architect, cryptocurrencies trader, https://lytvynov-anton.com

  • Juan Zaragoza

    Juan Zaragoza

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